This Hilarious Period Commercial is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Laurel Pinson

It’s fair to say that no one has particularly warm or fuzzy feelings about that time of the month, but Hello Flo is out to change that. The start-up offers a monthly subscription that supplies all your monthly period needs—tailored specifically to your flow, of course. (The boxes also include surprise treats like candy, because we know we all need that.)

The concept might be a good one, but it’s Hello Flo’s videos that have made the company a viral sensation—and with good reason. Truly, we never thought getting your period could be this funny.

Their first commercial, “Camp Gyno,” centered on a girl who quickly becomes the coolest kid at summer camp when she gets her period. (Spoiler: the spotlight on her dims as her fellow campers discover the wonders of Hello Flo, much to her chagrin.) The video was an instant hit, and now has more than 7.5 million views on YouTube.

This week, Hello Flo unleashed its next hilarious video—”First Moon Party”—which centers on a tweenage girl who fakes her first period … and reaps the consequences. Watch below, but be warned: Do not attempt to drink or eat anything while you’re watching.

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