Heath Ledger: Movie Star Dating Lindsay Lohan Before Death?


In a desperate attempt to save Lindsay Lohan‘s hot mess life, Dina Lohan divulged to dad Michael Lohan that our beloved Linds had been dating Heath Ledger before he died. The phone conversation, of course, was somehow recorded (not for publicity, surely), and leaked to the press.

“And she was dating Heath when he died,” Dina said on the tape. “I don’t know if you know that, but I know cause I would drop her off and they were friends. Very, very close, okay?”

Is it true? Who knows? Wasn’t there also a rumor that he had been dating Mary-Kate Olsen as well before his death? And who tape-records phone conversations? Is there such a thing as 15 Minutes of Fame Addiction? Or maybe an Exploiting Your Family Addiction For Shameless Reasons? Because Dina and Michael need a 2-for-1 deal stat.

Sidenote: Dina mentions on the tape that her daughter is 22. She’s not…she’s 23.

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