Haute Couture: Day One’s 20 Most Deadly Amazing

Kerry Pieri
Haute Couture: Day One’s 20 Most Deadly Amazing
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Haute Couture is almost a remnant of fashion as it were, a place where the masses weren’t allowed to even peek, let alone wear, a relic of a caste system of sorts – but lovely and artful with incredibly rare craftsmanship. Now, I’m not a billionaire, wife or mistress of a Czar, or Chinese so chances are unless I somehow end up in the next big rom-com on a whim and have a red carpet to walk in which I will need a gown to borrow, there is slim to zero chance that I’ll ever wriggle my bod into some handmade couture.

Today was just day one of the Parisian affair, so we’re going to take this day by day and pick the prettiest, most interesting, most notable, most breathtaking of the bunch. From Christian Dior‘s 50s glamour gal/New Look homage, to Alexis Mabile’s ethereal girl in white, Bouchra Jarrar’s tailored yet sultry workwear and Armani Priv’s bright future featuring Judy Jetson all hot and in her 20s the options were stellar. Appreciate.

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