Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake: His Most Memorable Looks

Spencer Cain
Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake: His Most Memorable Looks
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Justin Timberlake turns 31 today, which is hard to believe considering we watched him grow up as a cast member on The Mickey Mouse Club and go through puberty in the best boy band of all time, ‘N Sync. Unlike many other stars who find fame at a young age (like his ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears), Justin never seemed to collapse under the pressure of the spotlight.

Sure, there have been a plethora of stories that Justin loves his ladies (he is now happily settled and engaged to actress Jessica Biel), but he has stayed far away from the Hollywood party scene that can be oh-so-tempting. Justin has evolved and is now a successful entrepreneur, actor and singer. In fact, many compare him to the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson (albeit a more sane version).

In addition to his astute business sense, handsome looks and general qualities that resemble perfection, Justin is most definitely into fashion. Not only is he an accomplished designer (he has won awards as the head of William Rast), he can work a tux on a red carpet with the best of ’em, and his casual style has definitely inspired bros across the world. He has also had some major, MAJOR faux pas, and embraced every facet of the pop life.

For some reason, Justin can pull things off like no one else. I mean, the man made me want to get my hair bleached! Anyway, in honor of his big day, click through the gallery above for some of his most memorable looks. Oh, and my favorites are at the end. Enjoy!

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