Happy 53rd Birthday, Madonna!

Happy 53rd Birthday, Madonna!
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Madonna, the trendsetter, envelope-pusher, muse and prolific pop star, turns 53 today, which has the entire world reeling. It’s been over three decades since the singer burst on to the music scene, and from her teased hair and tutus to her cone bra and fingerless gloves, she immediately became a global fashion icon.

Over the past 30-something years we’ve seen her style evolve from the thrift shop-chic she rocked in “Lucky Star” and Desperately Seeking Susan, to the “Like a Virgin” wedding dress moment, to the S&M-inspired corsets and leather she chose for her Blonde Ambition tour and “Human Nature” video, to the high-gloss glamour that landed her recent campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.

In honor of Madonna’s birthday, we’ve compiled some of our favorite editorials that she inspired from magazines all around the world. Click through to enjoy and take a little trip through the pop star’s fashion evolution!

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