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Exclusive: Street Style Star Hanneli Mustaparta Takes Manhattan
  • "I feel very lucky because I get to do things that make me really
    happy, my work makes me really happy. I thought it would be impossible
    to make taking pictures and being creative with clothes a career when I
    was younger."

    Calvin Klein Collection Onyx Pebbled Plongee Collarless Jacket, $4,450; Calvin Klein Collection Navy Blue Cotton Top, $395

  • Every September and February, Hanneli joins fashion's elite as they
    globetrot from city to city, taking in the latest collections during
    fashion month. "There not one normal day, all the days are abnormal. You
    have to take it as it comes, everything changes as you come to a new
    city. But by Paris [the last city to show during fashion month] you've
    had a month to perfect your timing [to attend shows]."

    Klein Collection Onyx Pebbled Plongee Collarless Jacket, $4,450; Calvin
    Klein Collection Navy Blue Cotton Top, $395; Calvin Klein Collection
    Onyx Technical Wool Crepe Contoured Pant, $975; The Row Blue Bag,
    Hanneli's own; Siegerson Morrison Brogues, Hanneli's own

  • When it comes to choosing her own looks during fashion month, it all depends on the city. "In New York, it's about the weather, how close you are to people during the day," Hanneli said. "But in Paris, it's a different vibe, it's hard to put your finger on it — there aren't any rules. I think I play a bit more in Paris."

  • "I know how far away it can feel to be away from where things are
    happening," Hanneli said, referencing her Norwegian upbringing. "With my
    blog I'm able to inspire people who are in small, rural places. With my
    imagery, I can capture a moment in NYC during fashion week for people
    who don't have the ability to go to see these people [in real life]."

    vintage vest, Hanneli's own; Calvin Klein Collection White Sleeveless
    Blouse, $595; Calvin Klein Collection, $895; Acne nude wedges, Hanneli's
    own; Calvin Klein 'On My Own' Small Saffiano Leather Satchel, $228; at Macy's

  • "I love photography books. Whenever I'm in Paris — or [when] I have the
    time — I like to go to bookstores and exhibits," she said, when asked
    about things that inspire her.

  • "I love playing with clothes and using them to express myself. It can
    be any piece from a vintage store or I have a Miu Miu dress from 2008
    that continues to give me inspiration," Hanneli said. 

    Klein Collection Clear-Framed Sunglasses, $358; Vintage pink shirt,
    Hanneli's own; Calvin Klein Mauri Tweed Dress, $2,375; at Net-A-Porter; Acne clear bag, Hanneli's own

  • When it comes to travel, checking out vintage and thrift stores tops Hanneli's to-do list. "I have this thing wherever I travel, I want to go to vintage stores — it's so nice to go into vintage stores and feel like you're visiting the town properly."

  • Hanneli has some wise words when it comes to finding success in the
    highly competitive world on style blogs. "I think the main thing isn't
    to comment on every other blog just to have people visit yours. I think
    it's about creating content that will be something that people want to
    look at," she said. "It's good to be selective — there's so much
    information, it all gets a little tiring on the internet. I think always
    quality over quantity."

    Calvin Klein Collection
    Onyx Knotted Silk Embroidery Open Back Dress, price upon request; ck
    Calvin Klein Born PVD Silver Stainless Steel Choker, $165; available at
    Italics & Co. (718-287-4715); Acne silver clutch, Hanneli's own;
    Tibi maroon heels, Hanneli's own

  • Authenticity is a key factor when looking to capture this photographer's eye. "I never go in search [of finding subjects]. I just keep my eyes open. It's not a person who's wearing something they know they can be photographed wearing, that doesn't excite me at all when people deliberately dress to be photographed," Hanneli said."Everyone who is unique who doesn't really care, it has to be contemporary and works for not but it comes from a personal point of view. I think that it comes across when a person is true to themselves."

  • This Norwegian beauty doesn't take her success for granted — and has big
    plans for the future. "It started one place and it escalated to what it
    is today. I just did what I was interested in. I have developed what it
    is today because I love it," she said. "There's always so many doors
    opening, you never know with fashion, which is the awesome thing. You
    never know where doors are going to open. One day I would like to design
    something, but I have so many fun things I'm doing now."

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Exclusive: Street Style Star Hanneli Mustaparta Takes Manhattan