Handbag Designer Collina Strada at PROJECT Las Vegas

Handbag Designer Collina Strada at PROJECT Las Vegas
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Brooklyn based handbag designer Hillary Taymour began her line Collina Strada after receiving compliments on a handbag she created for herself. Well, both Taymour and her friends have amazing taste and three years later the Collina Strada line is thriving nicely. Expanding from basic handbags, Taymour introduced multi-functional pieces for her fall collection including an incredibly chic bicycle purse and a combination messenger bag/briefcase/backpack; “I try to make it so that [each bag] has multiple functions and multiple ways to wear it.”

Taymour describes her collection as, “a unique, stylish, unidentifiable accessory. It’s not over branded… You’re creating your own style with this bag.” Each of the Colina Strada handbags is entirely unique not just in design but in colorway and print. Handmade in New York and printed on organic canvas, Taymour personally designs each of her digital prints and she adds, “All the leathers and color ways are custom pantones so no one is going to have that green this season in that leather.”

In addition to her handbag collection, Taymour dabbled with jewelry design in an collaboration with New York Eva boutique owner Stephanie Pappas. The two created a line of lamb leather jewelry accented with raw crystals and raw minerals. “We did a little [collection] together for the store [Eva} and now w’ere selling it to other stores wholesale.

Collina Strada handbags are available at Life Curated and range from $110-$500 for retail.

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