Hamptons’ Most Stylish: The East End’s All-Stars

Hamptons’ Most Stylish: The East End’s All-Stars
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Who knew that a group of small villages along the South Fork of Long Island would become one of the world’s most famous jet-set destinations, immortalized in everything from documentaries about socialites living in rat-infested squalor to Kanye West songs? The idyllic area along the East Coast known as the Hamptons has become a playpen for celebrities, hipsters, and executives alike.

While the Hamptons may historically be associated with old money and sometimes stuffy style (think men never leaving the house without Sperry Topsiders and plaid pants), an influx of new residents and new subcultures in recent years has meant a major revamp.

Preppy chic isn’t the only look you’ll find out on the East End these days; on any given weekend you’ll find everything from classic American style in Southampton to up-and-coming designer chic in East Hampton. Montauk, in particular, has seen a boom thanks to hotspots like the Surf Lodge, which draws the downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn set out east every weekend, infusing the area with a certain offbeat, cool factor.

When it came time to choose our 2013 edition of the Hamptons’ most stylish people, we set out to curate a list that accurately captures the depth and breadth of Hamptons style today—from the classic to the hip to the glam. (Side note: for a handy beginner’s guide to the Hamptons, check out The Vivant’s ultimate Hamptons summer guide!)

This year’s roster includes the designers behind indie jewelry label Holst+Lee; Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s yoga-enamored wife; and full-time Hamptons resident and fitness pioneer Tracy Anderson—and that’s just the beginning! Click through the slideshow above to see which style-setters made the cut.

Photography by Richard Guaty
Producer: Samantha Lim
Field Coordinator: Charles Thorp

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