Halloween Costumes: 5 Characters That Define Cool

Kerry Pieri

There’s nothing that makes me more sad than buying articles of clothing that are headed directly for the Good Will bag. Poly-blend Halloween costumes are a main source of contention for me then. I prefer to channel 7-year-old Kerry and shop my closet for totally creative, fun costumes that don’t require a trip to Party City don’t even worry about the fact that I more than likely did this on any given Tuesday, rather than the end of October only.

Below, shop some very cool, very wearable costumes that channel the ladies from some of my very favorite films. And just try not to die over that shearling coat that will seamlessly bring you from Penny Lane to cold November day.

Clueless: Cher Horowitz

This flick DOES.NOT.GET.OLD. Plus, ’90s fashion meets prep school is so hot right now. Don’t believe me? Whatever!

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Clockwise: Old Navy white button down, $26.50, at Old Navy; Forever 21 plaid skirt, $19.80, at Forever 21; Target knee socks, $12.99, at Target; DVF red blazer, $325, at Shopbop; Vince Camuto lace up shoes, $118.95, at Endless

Pretty Woman: Vivian Ward
Ah, the fairy tale of the hooker and the businessman. We get it, girls like to dress a bit skanky when given the free reign to do so. Own it by being an actual prostie.

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Clockwise: Hat Attack newsboy, $54, at Lord & Taylor; Forever 21 skirt, $19.80, at Forever 21; Topshop belted trench, $160, at Topshop; White monokini, $39.99, at Women Fitness; Martinez Volero over the knee boots, $174.95, at Nordstrom

Casino: Ginger McKenna
I die for the ’70s, Vegas was super ‘70s and Ginger so totally embodies it. Get her look with a little lam, a little faux fur and a lot of Sharon Stone sauciness.
103310 1287007964 486x Halloween Costumes: 5 Characters That Define Cool
Clockwise: Forever 21 earrings, $6.80, at Forever 21;
Halston Heritage Gold jumpsuit, $395, at Net-A-Porter; Steve Madden gold shoes, $90, at Lori’s Shoes; Chico’s gold purse, $39, at Chico’s; Rebecca Taylor faux fur jacket, $435, at Bergdorf Goodman

Almost Famous: Penny Lane
It’s all happening! This movie makes me happy, and even if no one gets who you are, ’60s girl is always a fun clich.

103309 1287007955 486x Halloween Costumes: 5 Characters That Define Cool
Clockwise: Arden B crochet top, $59, at Arden B.; Round wire sunglasses, $7.99, at Urban Boundaries; J. Brand love story jeans, $209, at National Jean Company; Nine West boot, $63.26, at Endless; Miu Miu shearling coat, $3,655, at Net-a-Porter; Linnea Pelle fringe bag, $295, at Couture Candy

The Runaways: Joan Jett
I get that Joan Jett was a real and actual person, but it prob took Bella Swan playing her for most of the people born after 1995 to actually know who she is. We know the Runaways tee is kind of meta, but it’ll help with recognition, we promise.

103313 1287008025 486x Halloween Costumes: 5 Characters That Define Cool
Clockwise: Rachel Roy leather jacket, $249, at Rachel Roy; Full Tilt stud bracelet, $7.99, at Tilly’s; The Runaways tee, $38, at Blackheart; Wetseal jeans, $32.50, at Wet Seal; Converse sneakers, $45, at Footnoteson

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