Haleh Nematzadeh Spring/Summer 2010 Collection


The last stop of the unofficial first day of Fashion Week was Haleh Nematzadeh–a designer heavily inspired by music and dramatic fashion. Haleh Nematzadeh hosted her spring/summer 2010 show at the former home of infamous music venue CBGB/CB Gallery which is now half a John Varvatos store and half the Morrison Hotel Gallery.

The energy was high and no one seemed to mind the tight viewing space as everyone was eager to see what rock clothing Haleh would debut. The collection included an array of broad shouldered blazers with graphic print, studded denim vests and strong origami dresses that held their own in a sea of punk chic. Lydia Hearst was the star model in a futuristic and geometric short white dress.


Lydia Hearst walking in Haleh Nematzadeh’s show. All images by Andrew Katzowitz.

Haleh explains her namesake’s manta is, “to be an ode to all the free-spirited girls and to turn o the light for those who are ready to play.” Photographer Andrew Katzowitz and I took Haleh’s advice and frolicked through the John Varvatos men’s store next door after the show. The former music venue proved the perfect place to unwind after such a fun and high energy show.



The music inspired Haleh Nematzadeh collection inspired Andrew and I to browse some music ourselves!

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