Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals The (Slightly OCD) Secret To Her Gift-Giving Strategy

Julie Gerstein
gwyneth1 Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals The (Slightly OCD) Secret To Her Gift Giving Strategy

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Gwyneth Paltrow is a planner. We kind of guessed that, just from the tone and tenor of her Goop website, but she also admits as much in a new video for Hugo Boss to promote their Pour Femme perfume. In it, Paltrow’s asked about her holiday gift-giving strategy and approach. She admits she starts shopping two months in advance because “I like to get things personalized, and my gifts usually require some advanced time.”

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Why are we not surprised?

Paltrow shops solo, and her plan of attack is to do some reconnaissance shopping online, after her kids are in bed, she said, but then she revealed the real secret to being Gwyneth Paltrow: Excel Spreadsheets.

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“I have a master list of people that i need to get presents for — work presents, kid presents, godchildren, friends. I start thinking about it a few months in advance. I see on this Excel sheet what I got them last year and the year before. I also send Christmas cards. It takes some preparation, but I think it’s such a nice warm time of year. It’s so nice to give gifts and I really enjoy it.”

Yes, Gwynnie, nothing says “warmth” like Microsoft Excel!

In other critical Paltrow news, she’ll be giving up her healthy gluten-free diet — just for Christmas, anyway. “I do a lot of the cooking before Christmas but then I usually spend a lot of Christmas cooking too,” she told the Daily Mail. “All the smells, all of the mulled wine, all of the trimmings for the turkey. We like to have all the family around. A very traditional Christmas.”

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