Gwen Stefani’s Stylist Talks About Her Hot Clothing Line

Jessica Hoppe
Gwen Stefani’s Stylist Talks About Her Hot Clothing Line
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Andrea Lieberman has dressed some of the most iconic fashionistas of our time like Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez, but over the past two years she’s transformed her styling inspiration into a collection of sophisticated must-haves that offer up chic essentials you could wear the rest of your life.

Despite Lieberman’s ecclectic personal style inspired by her travels — she lived in Paris and Africa after graduating Parsons School of Design — her collections are about simplifying your wardrobe and perfecting what’s timeless. Andrea’s motto is the way to move forward is to own clothes you love enough to wear again and again.

Simple enough advice coming from a women in charge of some major celebrity wardrobes.”I look up to everybody that I have worked with over the last 10 years,” she tells WWD about her designs which include a jumpsuit you could easily see Gwen Stefani rock in concert and a dramatic maxi J-Lo would surely strut down Miami Beach in.But A.L.C. is glamour simplied — the goods are easy to wear, yet sophisticated and unusually affordable (most pieces cost under $500).

And while it would be easy enough to employ the celebrity of her adoring A-list clients in order to get the word out, Lieberman makes her mark by quietly selling through leading retailers such as Barneys and

Click here to browse her essentials for Fall or click through the slideshow above to see what’s coming for Spring 2012. Note: She’ll also be offering jewelry as well come spring which has been highly anticipated given her personal collection stunners.

[Photographs courtesy of WWD]

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