Your Guide To The Nicest Celebs In Hollywood

Your Guide To The Nicest Celebs In Hollywood
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Considering most of the celebrities I write about on here tend to make the news for not necessarily the most flattering reasons, it’s refreshing to talk about Hollywood’s elite who have become known for their positive qualities. And these “positive qualities” I refer to have nothing to do with money, power or talent, but rather just plain niceness.

The fine (and always informative) folks at Jezebel drew my attention to a blog that’s making quite a splash called Crazy Days and Nights. The site is allegedly written by an entertainment lawyer who dissects the ins and outs of the Hollywood scene. But the real draw to the site is an anonymous commenter, who has brought a few bizarre things to light. These things involve prostitution, pedophiles and some really horrifying abuse. You know, just a day in the life.

Anyway, this commenter (who Jezebel suspects is potentially Robert Downey Jr.) obviously has their finger on the pulse of the industry. They shared a list of a few people who they actually consider nice in Hollywood. “They have flaws and are not perfect, but they are GREAT people who are the opposite of the other sick f*cks,” he says. Without further adieu, click through the gallery for a list of Tinseltown’s finest who don’t completely suck.



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