Gucci Shoes Designed by Mark Ronson Released


Chanel isn’t the only design house soaking up the spotlight this month. The Gucci Group, who just launched a new social networking feature on their website to promote their new sunglasses collection, is also debuting a new sneaker line this Friday designed by Mark Ronson, which kicks off a worldwide pop-up shop tour for the brand. The DJ and luxury design house will unveil the shoe collection at a pop-up shop on Crosby Street in Manhattan this Friday, October 23.

As Ronson told in August, along with each shoe purchase will come a free download of Ronson’s iPhone application called Gucci Beats, which allows users to create their own music. If we had the $500 to drop on one pair (which is what the shoes are rumored to cost), we definitely would, and we mean for us, not for our best guy friend.

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