Gucci Launches Gucci Beats iPhone App


Gucci knows a thing or two about how to play with our heartstrings. First, they launched their new social networking website,, which allows you to share photos with your friends and other Gucci fans through the lenses of their new glasses. Second, they gave us Mark Ronson at our fingertips.

In conjunction with their new website and their new sneaker collection, designed by Ronson, they have launched an iPhone app. The app lets you access exclusive products, view fashion shows, read up on Gucci news, and browse their little black book of the hottest hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs worldwide.

The real winner though, is the music. Not only do Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini, and Mark Ronson supply you with their own personal playlists, but Gucci Beats allows you to actually mix music tracks on a virtual turntable. Ronson has supplied loops of drums, bass, and vocals for you to mix and layer and send to your friends.

My only request: let me post those beats to Twitter!

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