30 Perfect Graduation Dresses For Every Budget

30 Perfect Graduation Dresses For Every Budget
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With May rapidly approaching, so is graduation season, with thousands taking place across the country, and that means its time to sort through graduation dresses galore. Sure, the required cap and gown might hide what you’re wearing during the ceremony, but you will want a perfect dress to wear underneath for the seemingly endless stream of photos and events that follow the actual ceremony.

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We hunted down the best graduation dresses for every budget—some for less than you’d spend on dinner, others dreamy designer options—to appeal to a range of different grads to-be.

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When you peel away your somewhat boring (buy symbolic!) black gown for pictures, parties, and other celebratory events, rest assured you’re going to want to be in one of the 30 dresses above.

Click through the slideshow to shop graduation dresses that fit your style and budget now.

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