Grace Coddington Thinks Anna Wintour is “Sexy”

Kerry Pieri

Grace Coddington is a person of fashion fixation for all the right reasons. She’s been in the industry so long that she sort of is the industry, she’s talented, humorous, and it’s no small secret that she was the real star of The September Issue.

Coddington’s and Anna Wintour‘s banter was the source of about 90% of the entertainment in the aforementioned documentary like a couple who had been long married, had its strife, but in the end seem to really love each other. It turns out there was a crack in that affair in its early days. The red haired former model had been working at British Vogue since 1968, but after Anna came on board as EIC in 1986, Coddington quit a few months later, explaining to The Economist‘s quarterly supplement More Intelligent Life recently, Anna was much more into sexy than I was.

Coddington couldn’t stay away long though, she rejoined the sexy bobbed one at Vogue two years later because she’s a magazine girl at heart and presumably fate wanted these two Brit birds together for the long haul.

Photo: Eugene Gologursky, WireImage

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