Gossip Girl Stylist Eric Daman’s Biggest 2010 Trends (And the 12 Pieces to Buy Now to Get the Look)


There are three reasons that the scandalous drama Gossip Girl has gripped people around the world. The first being the gorgeous cast. The second, the salacious gossip. The third, the fashion. Who wouldn’t want to raid the closet of one of these New Yorkers? Well, now it’s possible. Gossip Girl‘s head costume designer Eric Daman is now unleashing his styling tips to the masses in his new book, You Know You Want It. With the New Year upon us, Daman has made some trend predictions for 2010 and future episodes of Gossip Girl. Here are our 12 pieces to buy now to satisfy your future fashion cravings.

1. Statement Bracelets (above)

Daman predicts that 2010 jewelery will be all about cuffs and mixing materials. Really go for it and get a cuff that makes a statement with your ensemble. Pictured above is the John Hardy Gold and Sterling Silver Dot Cuff, $1,995, at netaporter.com (left), and the Lee Angel silver and Crystal Small “Charlotte” Cluster Cuff, $170, at leeangel.com (right).

2. Pieces with Exposed Zipper Detailing
An exposed zipper adds that needed edge to your look. Eric Daman says that he often adds a zipper to a piece that doesn’t seem to fit right. He also advises that zippers should only be used in minimal pieces, as to not toy with the overall design. Pictured above is a Grace Sun Gray Tiered Skirt with Orange Exposed Zipper, $75-$250, at gracesundesigns.com (left) and an H&M Black Leather Strapless Dress with Bustier Top and Zipper, $75-$250, at hm.com (right); both are good options for the exposed zipper trend.

3. Prints
Printed pieces enable you to stand out in the fashion crowd and add flair to your daily wardrobe. Break the everyday monotony of monochromatic pieces and get something with pizazz. You can’t talk prints in fashion without mentioning Diane von Furstenberg. Try this Diane von Furstenberg Cream and Red Floral Chiffon Daisy Dress above, $250-$499, at dvf.com (left) and a Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Turquoise and Brown Leopard Print Dress, $75-250, at cynthiavincent.net (right).

4. Textured Tights
A more thrilling option besides the everyday black opaque tights are textured versions. Textured tights give you a little something extra and can take your look from ordinary to sultry, to just plain trendy. Even Eric Daman confesses that men love this look. Follow up on this trend by wearing the Forever 21 Black Scalloped Pointelle Tights, $75, at forever21.com (left) or the Forever 21 Black Tights with Perforated Diamond Pattern, $75, at forever21.com (right).

5. Anything Gray
According to Daman, gray is the new black in 2010. Being a neutral color, it goes with everything in your closet saving you those ever present what-color-goes-with-this thoughts. For this trend, try Kimberly Taylor’s Grey Silk Tuxedo Vest, $298, at kimberlytaylor.com (left), or something similar. For dressing up, try the Sheri Bodell Grey Beaded Open Back Dress, $75-$250, at sherribodell.com (right).

6. Structured Silhouettes
It is all about pieces with a structured shape: strong shoulders, structured collars and defined pleating. Go for this Maison Martin Margiela Black Sleeveless Structured Tiered Top, $75-$250, at maisonmartinmargiela.com (left) or this Thierry Mugler Black Structured Blazer, $250-$99 at thierrymugler.com (right) to incorporate the trend into some of your daily outfits.

In order to make trendy pieces timeless and elevate them from a simple purchase to an investment, Damon suggests that you “see what experiences you have had that make you unique and incorporate them into your personal style.” The important thing to remember for 2010: personal style is always fashionable.

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