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Go Behind the Scenes of Louboutin’s ’20 Years’ Photoshoot

Go Behind the Scenes of Louboutin’s ’20 Years’ Photoshoot

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Christian Louboutin has been known to get a little arty every now and then, and this time, he has created a peculiarly surreal photoshoot to be featured in Christian Louboutin Les 20 Ans, the coffee table book celebrating 20 years of red-soled fabulosity.

The behind-the-scenes video below features plenty of Louboutin’s notable BFF’sone of the best being a bare DitaVon Teese coddling a shimmering gold pump. Other appearances include musical artist, Mika, looking like a warm and cuddly version of The Joker as well as a snippet of a nude DVF gazing into a magical ball whilst popping out of what seems to be a rabbit hole, with a Louboutin sandal chained to her wristI mean, what else would you expect?

Experience the full three and a half minutes of full-out footwear magic yourself in the video below, but take precautionyou may be blinded by the abundance of sparkling pumps:

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