GMA Takes Issue With “Sexy” Elle Fanning + 10 Year Old Model

Kerry Pieri

I love when fashion world news collides with real world news. It happens rarely, and it’s always fun to hear newscasters talk about Galliano or McQueen or even Rachel Zoe. The latest breakout fashion star is also one with a bit of controversy behind her 10 year old breath-taker Thylane Blondeau, most notable for Tom Ford’s “Toddlers and Tiaras” esque editorial in Carine’s oft-talked about December/January 2011 Paris Vogue issue.

Robin Roberts asks, “How young is too young for a child to be striking a seductive pose?” It’s a funny question to be asking now since the editorial being shown, as aforementioned, was released in December of last year. Does no one at Good Morning America read Vogue Paris? Tsk.

The point here is not breaking news though, it’s Blondeau. Although GMA acknowledges that many of the tall, gorgeous scowling girls in glossies are in their mid-teens, the reporter and experts take issue with the ten year-old child being sexualized. I would agree that this is an issue in theory, but would it hurt to take a moment to discuss what message the magazine was trying to send? Carine Roitfeld has a daughter, Tom Ford likes things sexy, but he is respectful of women, so maybe the idea was going deeper than shock value. Maybe it was a commentary on the fact that girls like Lindsey Wixson were barely out of puberty before they put on high heels and a pouty red lip. Maybe it takes putting a ten year-old in similar poses to let people see that although a girl looks mature for her age, it doesn’t mean she is. Maybe fashion was having fun with little girls playing dress up. Maybe we should recognize that this editorial was for a French publication, home to a very different society than our own. As the blogger who has a site dedicated to the model said, Americans can be a little “uptight.”

The conversation quickly turns to young Hollywood girls like Elle Fanning and her Marc Jacobs ads. I think turning young beautiful girls into Lolitas is an important debate to be having, but I just wish it wasn’t so one-sided.

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