Glee is Back! The Best Moments From Last Night’s Episode

Rachel Adler


At StyleCaster, we could be what you call, Gleeks. Sure it’s a bit, um, nerdy, and and some of us would admit (not in public) that we have the first half of the season on our iPods, know that Emma and Mr. Schuester are meant to be, and have all marked our calendars (who are we kidding, CLEARED our calendars) for the Madonna episode.

Well, the series resumed last night to complete season one with the start of nine (woohoo!) more episodes and we’ve decided to reward our favorite high school glee club members with traditional yearbook awards. Below is our recap of our favorite moments from the show.

Most Likely to Sing a Song to Seek Revenge On an Ex: Rachel Berry
When Finn became overwhelmed by dating Rachel (the Team Finn t-shirt, the coordinating schedule “cat calendars”, and the constant chatter) he decided it was time to take a break. Now of course, Miss Berry didn’t take to this lightly, and during the next Glee practice broke out in song. And now all of you heartbroken girls, take note this is how you make your ex feel bad (or at least you make yourself feel better, alone, in a car).

Cutest Couple: Emma Pillsbury and Will Schuester

After Will had to deal with a fake pregnant wife, we all want Schue to be happy even if it isn’t with us. And, granted, Emma is a bit crazy too when it comes to being a germaphobe. But when they were dancing to candlelight and Will was serenading her…ah, if only real life were that darn cute.

Most Likely to Make You Laugh, And Then Cry: Sue Sylvester
Sue Sylvester will be taking Glee to new levels in the coming episodes. Not only did she get in bed with the principal for blackmail purposes, but the best part of last night’s episode was the three-minute clip of her “Vogue” performance. That’s right Material Girls, cone bra and all.

Couple Who Won’t Make It Past Two Dates: Rachel Berry and Jesse St. James

Rachel meets Jesse (the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, Glee’s main competition) and they have an instant connection. But the other Glee clubbers catch on to the fact that well, most boys can’t handle Rachel’s um, bubbly personality and there are obviously ulterior motives. This is one couple we want to see break up (if only for another emotional song from Rachel, and of course to save Glee)!

We can only hope that in the coming episodes, there will be many more Sue vs. Will battles, quotes from Brittany that are along the lines of last night’s “I sometimes forget my middle name,” and of course more glee-ful break-out songs.

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