Would Someone Give Ryan Gosling A Superhero Franchise Already?

Spencer Cain

gosling ryan 494x690 Would Someone Give Ryan Gosling A Superhero Franchise Already?

If you’re a woman living in New York, you’re probably so jealous right now. Last night, Mr. Ryan Gosling saved a British lady from being hit by a cab on 6th Avenue. Laurie Penny was walking carelessly when a “double denim” clad Gosling came to her rescue like a bat out of hell. Penny tweeted, “I was crossing 6th avenue in a new pink wig. Not looking the right way because I am from London. Ryan Gosling grabbed me away from a taxi.” Onlookers confirmed Gosling’s identity. (Also, why the hell was she wearing a pink wig?)

Needless to say, this is yet another feat of Gosling’s that proves he is perfect. Like, actually perfect. Remember last summer when he broke up a fight in Astor Place? And remember how he’s talented, hot, and seems to be the nicest guy on the planet? Well, this leads me to question the entire film industry which has clearly made a huge mistake in not giving this man a superhero franchise! Gosling has demonstrated his ability to take on all kinds of roles, and a big budget superhero film may seem like “selling out” — but here’s how they could make it work.

Gosling could portray an “Average Joe” who goes around helping everyone. It really wouldn’t be that much of a stretch. He could even bring his real-life dog on set to jazz it up. He doesn’t even need to cast a love interest, his actual girlfriend Eva Mendes could step in. Wait, I guess what I’m thinking here is that maybe the superhero franchise starring Ryan Gosling should simply be his life. Am I on to something, people?

Here’s to the second coming of Superman! Leave your thoughts in the comments below if you think Gosling is a modern hero.

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