Gisele’s Spring Tour: Making You Feel Bad About Yourself

Gisele’s Spring Tour: Making You Feel Bad About Yourself
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So, Gisele Bundchen and her abs are certainly making the rounds in the spring glossies. Hedi Slimane shot them in all of their post-pregnancy glory in a sexy black and white spread for V, Emmanuelle Alt put the model in a sheer lace sheath on her first Vogue Paris cover, and now the kicker: Mert and Marcus capture her flawless figure for their “Body of Work” editorial in April’s Vogue, which results in the most gorgeous photo of the supermodel I’ve ever seen.

We all know that Gisele had a baby boy a little over a year ago, and she probably worked her ass off to get back into modeling shape, but come on. Whether you chalk it up to those unbelievable Brazilian genetics, a strict diet or a really expensive personal trainer, I actually can’t believe that it’s possible for a human to look this good after giving birth. To a six-foot-four quarterback’s child no less. Putting the injustices to womankind aside, she does look really stunning in her series of spring photo shoots, so click through to take a look!

Also, if her rock-hard physique inspires you to hit the gym, check out our guide to getting a Gisele Bundchen spring break body in just three weeks.

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