The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Today: April 25, 2011


Can you feel it in the air? No, I’m not talking about the warm spring weather that’s finally starting to hit… I’m talking about Kate and William’s wedding! Even though we’ve all been counting down for months, this week marks the official week of the much-anticipated royal wedding. Now we can actually count down to the big day and seem somewhat sane. Read on for the latest in nuptial news and other happenings around the world on this Monday.

  • The British Ministry of Defence told CNN that Cameron Reilly, a Buckingham Palace guard, has been pulled off of royal wedding duty because of offensive posts on his Facebook page. He used an offensive term to describe Pakistanis on Facebook, which was taken offline today, but not before he was stripped of his duties. (CNN)
  • The Boston Celtics beat the New York Knicks 101-89 in game 4 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals series yesterday, completing a 4-0 series sweep. This would’ve been the first New York basketball playoffs in 14 years. (Sports Illustrated)
  • WikiLeaks released top-secret Guantanamo Bay files, called Detainee Assessment Briefs. The more than 700 classified military documents analyze whether prisoners pose a threat to the U.S. if released. Based on the documents, at least 150 of the prisoners were found to be innocent. (New York Magazine)
  • Nearly 500 inmates have escaped from Kandahar prison (in Afghanistan), staging a huge mass breakout through a 1,000ft tunnel. Afghan and Nato forces have launched a huge operation to try to recapture the hundreds of Taliban insurgents who’ve escaped. (The UK Guardian)
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened at 12,505.99 this morning.

Photo: Carl De Souza, AFP/Getty Images

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