Now You Can Eat Girl Scout Cookies for Breakfast

Now You Can Eat Girl Scout Cookies for Breakfast
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If you’ve ever dreamed of eating Girl Scout cookies for breakfast, now’s your chance. Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch cookies are being reimagined in a limited-edition launch of breakfast cereal. That’s right: You no longer have to go through the arduous work of dunking cookies into milk. You can just pour it all over the cereal and call it a day. Well, a morning.

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The cereal will be available in January; according to a General Mills spokesperson, “We will provide additional information when we are closer to the launch,” BuzzFeed reports.

Two new cookie flavors will also appear next year, both rifts on s’mores. This makes sense, since Girl Scouts are kind of obsessed with making s’mores. Now they’re taking all the work out of it, and allowing you to eat them straight out of the box. Basically, Girl Scouts are making breakfast and dessert way easier. Thanks, girls!

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