Gigi Hadid and Lily Collins Just Wore the Same Pair of Jeans

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It’s bad enough when you’re out and about and you see someone wearing your exact outfit, but when you’re famous and your accidental twinning goes viral on the Internet, that’s when you know things are kicked up a notch. Just the other day, Gigi Hadid and Lily Collins stepped out in the same pair of jeans, but luckily both ladies looked fab in their own rights so there was no need for the tacky “who wore it better” conversation. Glad that’s over!

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gigi hadid jeans Gigi Hadid and Lily Collins Just Wore the Same Pair of Jeans

Photo: Getty Images

The twinning happened last week when both stars coincidentally slipped on the same $150 pair of light-washed Black Orchid jeans. To make matters worse, they also both decided to pair the jeans with white tops, white sneakers and black motorcycle jackets. (Hey, great minds, right?)

Fortunately, the tops were noticeably different: The 22-year-old model (we mean Hadid, of course) sported a cropped band tee under her jacket, while the 28-year-old actress bundled up in a white collared shirt and cream Rails sweater. But, for the most part, the two looked like they could exchange outfits for the day and no one would notice.

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So what’s the lesson learned here? 1. That both Hadid and Collins can rock the dopest frayed denim jeans 2. That more than one person can look good AF in the same outfit without getting pitted against each other. Next time, compliment the girl you unintentionally match with. She’s got great taste.

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