The Gifts 8 Real Moms *Actually* Want to Get This Year

The Gifts 8 Real Moms *Actually* Want to Get This Year
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I’m not going to lie: my mom is by far the easiest person on my list to find a gift for every year. While I tend to fall back on the cliché dad gift (hmmm … what’s something golf-related he doesn’t have yet?) and buy my brother whatever books he sends me Amazon links to, I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what my mom will love. Tom Ford lipstick? Check. (Thank you, beauty closet 🙏.) Great new cookbook? Always. Fancy candle? Never fails. It’s a little formulaic, sure, but it beats going out on a limb and getting something that ends up in the back of a drawer somewhere.

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In the interest of sharing the wealth and helping you shop for your mom or another mom you’re gifting this year, I asked STYLECASTER editors to ask theirs what they really want for the holidays. We queried family and friends—including a few new moms who—no surprise here—wanted sleep above all else—and compiled a list of the presents they’re hoping to receive (hint, hint!)

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In the slideshow, shop 16 gifts picked out by 8 moms we know, some pretty foolproof (see: classic leather tote), others a tad … idiosyncratic (yes, that is a power saw you’re seeing).

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"As a person who likes to be organized, I cannot get enough utility-type bags that are also stylish. I love being able to grab different sizes for whatever I am doing at that time"—Debra Hickok, mom of Hannah Hickok, lifestyle editor

Classic Leather Tote, $157; at Cuyana

"I love receiving a piece of art (even a small one) because it is such a wonderful little surprise and not something I would typically be out buying. It is so fun to have it ready to hang or place in a nook or wall space. Then whenever I see it, I think of the person who gave it to me."—Debra Hickok, mom of Hannah Hickok, lifestyle editor

Matira Beach Swimmers 11.5" x 17", $249; at Gray Malin

"It is so great to be given a super high-end, luxurious face cream or other high-end skincare product to enjoy adding to my self-care routine."—Debra Hickok, mom of Hannah Hickok, lifestyle editor

La Mer Crème de la Mer, $170; at Net-A-Porter

"Never enough … that is all, just never enough wonderful, pretty, wearable scarves!"—Debra Hickok, mom of Hannah Hickok, lifestyle editor

Bloom Scarf, $325; at Olivia Wendel

"My mom and I routinely disappoint each other with our wish-list whims, which are usually so practical they verge on being painfully boring. This year, I requested an all-expenses-paid trip to Costco—trail mix by the pound! A freezer full of chicken breasts! It’s the gift that keeps on giving for months on end—and she countered with a cover for her iPad Air and a simple black evening clutch, since the 50-plus ones she already owns are embellished or bedazzled. Riveting, I know."—Cristina Velocci, managing editor

Fintie iPad Air 2 Case, $14; at Amazon

'Gioiello' Satin Clutch, $69; at Nordstrom

"My sister (a new-ish mom) said 'Honestly, I just want a nap. A good, long nap, possibly with my husband if he promises not to snore. Other than that, I crave a mani/pedi the most, but I don’t have the time or money to treat myself during the holidays.'”—Lauren Caruso, site director

Essie Nail Polish in Lacquered Up, $9; at Ulta

"My mom said she wants a comforter set that looks like the one she has now because the one she has now is at least ten years old."—Lauren Caruso, site director

Lindstrom White King Duvet Cover, $200; at Crate and Barrel

"She also asked for a straightener a while back: 'After 50+ years of starting my morning with hot rollers, I finally learned how to use a straightener. The one I have is fine, but I’d really like one that could do the job quicker without burning my hair.'"—Lauren Caruso, site director

ghd White Platinum Professional Performance Styler, $249; at Sephora

“I was in Home Depot today getting some wood cut and I was researching saws—I am putting a power miter saw on my list so I can cut my own wood. The one I want is a great shade of green! Then maybe a gift certificate for a manicure when I’m done sawing. You’ve heard of sip and paint—I’m going to start sip and saw!"—Mary Anne Grasso, mom of Christina Grasso, social media manager

Makita 15-Amp 10 in. Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser, $469; at Home Depot

"My mom wants a bulk supply of Organic Protein Powder -- not kidding. 💪🏼💪🏼She thinks it will allow her to play even more tennis, and apparently she met a beautiful and vibrant woman in her 70s who swears by this brand, and now it's all she can talk about."—Jessica Teves, editor-in-chief

Tera'swhey Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Plain Whey Unsweetened, $45; at GNC

“Called it—my mom wants more reading material this year. Here's what she said: 'Top bet for me is books, including cookbooks. I love to read and I love to cook! The latter idea, then, being the best of both worlds. I recently finished ‘The Couple Next Door’ in two nights—a page-turner akin to ‘The Girl Next Door’ and ‘Before the Fall.’ But my ‘to read’ list is massive!'”—Hilary George-Parkin, fashion editor

"Appetites: A Cookbook" by Anthony Bourdain, $23; at Amazon

"The Couple Next Door" by Shari Lapena, $18; at Amazon

“I asked my friend with a six-month-old baby what she wants, and here's her list: 'Money! Also, loungewear—the kind of clothes that you can wear around the house and go to the grocery store in. I also never wear heels anymore because I’m scared of dropping my kid, so some sexy flats that I can wear to parties. Also sexy things in general! Because I need to feel sexy. So some sexy dresses.'”—Hilary George-Parkin, fashion editor

Maya Check Nightshirt, $90; at Marigot

The Gilligan Flat; $398; at Stuart Weitzman

Gemma Dress, $278; at Reformation

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