Get Organized for Spring: Rory Tahari Shares Her Tips


Every spring I vow to get organized. From my closet the contents of which are currently taking over my bedroom floor to my workspace if you can call the stacks of paper and magazines on my desk a workspace, I make false promises that this will be the season I get my life in order. Well, this year I’m determined to stick to my organization goals and you can too, thanks to some key tips from Elie Tahari‘s creative director, Rory Tahari.

According to Rory, author of Lists for Life, the number one reason organization fails is because we don’t know the proper way to go about a list. It may seem as simple as “making a list and checking it twice,” but after chatting with Rory at the Post-It Keep Life Simple event yesterday, I have a whole new view of things. Read on for more insightful pointers on getting organized for spring.

What are the three most important lists to keep?
There’s only one list and it should be your master list. Even my 9-year-old son knows about the master list, which is my mantra of having one list. If you have more than one list, you will not be organized.

What should we have on this master list to make sure we complete it?
What it comes down to is priorities and deadlines. So if you have one master list, whether it’s to help your son with his homework for a project, a paper that you need to write for your boss or a doctor visit, it needs to go on one list.

Do you have any suggestion on breaking things up into smaller sublists?
Yes Every night, I go through the master list, then I take a Post-It note and write down what I need to do from the master list the next day. I’ll write down what has to be done no matter what in lists and sublists, but you have to have one master list. Don’t make the mistake of having separate lists for what you have to do for your kids, what you have to do for work, what you need to do for a special event, like moving. It’s one master list.

With many people going on spring trips in the upcoming weeks, what are your organization tips for packing?
In my book, List For Life, there is a list for a carry-on, which is all I ever pack. There are always things that get packed last minute right before you leave whether it’s medication you need to take, or it’s your brush, toothbrush or other toiletries. I use a Post-It note for my carry-on for the last five things I need to pack. If you look in the book, it has the exact list of what needs to go in a carry-on.

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Since we’re on the subject of lists, what are a few key pieces we should buy to update our spring wardrobes?
I would definitely say to add a lot of color to your wardrobe. Color is always important for spring it’s a new season and people generally feel happier. I also think softer fabrics are more important this season. People want to dress a little more relaxed. It’s not about tight-fitting or hard-cut clothes. Nude colors are very important nude is great because it goes with everything no matter what color you’re wearing. A nude pair of shoes it great, like these Alaia’s I’m wearing. And always go with a statement necklace. For me, that’s always part of my wardrobe.

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