Get The Look: Madonna’s Super Bowl Attire

Get The Look: Madonna’s Super Bowl Attire
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Alright, let’s be honest, last night’s Super Bowl may as well have been named the Madonna Bowl. Our favorite material girl paraded across the stage in some seriously sick garb (can we also discuss how she looks beyond amazing for her age?!). The seasoned songstress killed it wearing incredible styles ranging from a hand-embroidered cape (no big deal) to a studded belt. I mean…

We were so obsessed with the major Givenchy looks she sported we’re also impressed by how her costume changes were totally seamless (pun intended).

So, that left us wondering how we can incorporate a little Madonna into our everyday look as well. We jammed through cyberspace this morning to bring you our suggestions for how to instill a little shimmer and sparkle into your day-to-day outfit.

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