Get The Look: Celia Foote From ‘The Help’

Get The Look: Celia Foote From ‘The Help’
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We can’t get over how much we’re obsessed with The Help. The story is absolutely moving (I shamelessly cried on an Amtrak ride watching the film) and on second glance, the clothes are pretty much awesome.

The 1960s tend to be one of our favorite genres between the prim ladylike dresses, pencil skirts and killer eye makeup (we still love an Edie Sedgwick reference). In any case, since watching the flick, we’ve found ourselves channeling our inner Celia Foote: the irresistible character outcasted and mistakenly taken for a floosey.

Her sweet southern accent and kind heart won us over as she jumped onto the screen. We love how delicious she looks in all of her little outfits, from a simply sexy romper to a sick gown for an event. Anyways, we are so into her look, we decided to break down a few simple ways to achieve her retro southern style.

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Photo via Hollywood Reporter.

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