German Video Artist Animates Everything But The Sky


In Misha Shyukin’s haunting video, skyscapes, nature and special effects blend harmoniously to create a quirky, mesmerizing dreamscape ( I wish my dreams were this seductive).

It’s a bit like Inception meets the TheWizard of Oz. Except that everything is animated, from sweeping shots of arctic mountain ranges to close-ups of grass waving in the wind. “It’s completely animated. I only used some stock footage for the skies in some scenes.” says Shyukin.

I wrote Shyukin to learn more about the project. Read below for more insight into this stunning video set to music by Nils Frahm.

What do you call yourself?
I think I see myself mostly like a video artist, though I did study Communication Design in Uni, I don’t really feel like a designer.

What was your inspiration?
A huge part of the inspiration was the music from Nils, another just simple movements that you see in nature, like little waves or a light breeze on a field.

What was animated and what was live action?
It’s completely animated. I only used some stock footage for the skies in some scenes.

What was the idea behind the lines and shapes?
I’m afraid there isn’t any real deep meaning in the stuff that I do. I tried to keep the project as experimental as I could and just tried to visualize things that seemed right to me and worked with the music.

What’s one thing about animation work that we wouldn’t know?
We’re secretly letting little kids do all the work while we watch funny cat videos on YouTube.

Favorite movie?
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What are you working on next?
I have no idea. I never know how my next project will look and I don’t like planning stuff in advance.

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