19 So-Pretty Pieces of Garnet Jewelry for January Babies (And Everyone Else)

19 So-Pretty Pieces of Garnet Jewelry for January Babies (And Everyone Else)
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2017 is finally, blessedly, almost here—and while just about everyone seems to have something to be excited about, that goes doubly for January babies.

With the month’s arrival comes a new birthstone: garnet. The stone’s name comes from the Middle English word “gernet,” meaning “dark red,” and the Latin word “granatus,” meaning “filled with seeds,” like the similarly-hued pomegranate. Garnets are more common than July’s rubies, and naturally occur in a much wider range of shades, as the name actually encompasses several species of minerals with different chemical compositions but similar physical properties. One such property is relative hardness (6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale), which makes the crystals perfectly suited for use in jewelry.

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Ancient Egyptians knew as much, and used garnets in sarcophagi, talismans, and scarab ornaments, many of which have been unearthed from tombs and put on display in museums around the world. In ancient Rome, the stone was carved into signet rings and used to stamp wax seals on important documents. Throughout history, garnets have been considered a protective stone, alleviating depression, warding off illnesses, and keeping warriors safe in battle. Its relation to the pomegranate also connects it to fertility and the feminine life force; it may be given by a long-distance lover to symbolize a speedy return, an echo of the Greek myth of Persephone and the pomegranate seeds.

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Below, shop 19 gorgeous garnet earrings, necklaces, rings, and more to wear ASAP—whether or not you have a birthday coming up.

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Monarch Deco Tuile Earrings, $325; at Fallon


Photo: Fallon

The Libi Petite Choker, $138; at Ela Rae

Photo: Ela Rae

Vintage French Chain & Garnet Brooch, $185; at One King’s Lane


Photo: One King's Lane

Claire Kinder Studio Astral Ring With Garnet, $395; at Local Eclectic


Photo: Local Eclectic

Wouters & Hendrix In Mood For Love Eyelash Garnet Earring, $143; at Farfetch

Photo: Farfetch

14K Gold Birthstone Ear Jacket, $165; at Shahla Karimi


Photo: Shahla Karimi

Cast of Vices Garnet & Sterling Silver Cigarette & Fly Pendant Necklace; $470; at Saks Fifth Avenue

Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue

Garnet Mix Chain Fringe Earrings, $80; at Chan Luu


Photo: Chan Luu

Dezos by Sarah Beltran Deco Studs, $24,400; at Barneys New York


Photo: Barneys

Antique 14k Gold and Garnet Ring, $585; at One King’s Lane


Photo: One King's Lane

EFFY 14K Yellow Gold and Garnet Earring, $149.95; at Lord & Taylor


Photo: Lord & Taylor

Gemvara Stamped Initial Bar Necklace, $120; at Gemvara


Photo: Gemvara

Osetra Hoop Earring with Rhodalite Garnet, $950; at David Yurman


Photo: David Yurman

Henson Double Floral Ring, $246; at Farfetch


Photo: Farfetch

Vintage Yellow Gold and Garnet Drop Earrings, $350; at Love Adorned


Photo: Love Adorned

Petite Wheaton Bracelet with Garnet and Diamonds in 18K Gold, $2,250; at David Yurman


Photo: David Yurman

Fallon Jagged Edge Strand Garnet Necklace, $350; at Fivestory


Photo: Fivestory

Lagos 6mm 18K Gold Caviar Pendant Necklace, $395; at Neiman Marcus


Photo: Neiman Marcus

Garnet Rough Gem Ring, $135; at Erica Weiner

Photo: Erica Weiner

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