Gap’s New Flash Sales


I can not remember the last time I purchased an item in a physical, brick and mortar store. I’ve become an online shopping mutant in that flourescent lighting hurts my eyes. Worse yet, I’ve become “old” (I mean that in the way young people who have no business calling themselves old use the world old) and loud noises overwhelm me…

Well, lo and behold Gap is giving people a reason to log offline and phsycially enter a store again! Tomorrow Gap is kicking off an instore promotion and bringing back the flash sale. Dubbed a Flashion Sale (combining flash and fashion), Gap will regularly feature popular items at a discount for one day only. Tomorrow (March 5th) Gap will be offering its instore customers their soft trench for $50 (regularly priced at $89.95).

The next sale will be on Friday, March 11th when Gap’s Hillary Flare Jean will be available at a discount. While the sales are intended to be an unexpected surprise, you can become a Gap mobile VIP by testing FLASH to 36888 to receive all the Flashion alerts and instant updates on the sales. Phew, nice to see a little bit of technology is still involved…

Just for kicks, I threw in Gap’s classic Mellow Yellow ad:

Try getting that song out of your head today…


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