Jazz up your espadrille game for the spring 2012 season with one of these 28 styles!

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28 Funky Espadrille Shoe Styles For Your Fashion-Forward Feet

28 Funky Espadrille Shoe Styles For Your Fashion-Forward Feet

28 Funky Espadrille Shoe Styles For Your Fashion-Forward Feet
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What’s one of the hottest shoe trends for the spring 2012 season? Hands down it would have to be the totally easy-to-wear espadrille shoe.

This once casual style that we’re used to seeing as a slip-on flat or a relaxed wedge was a big trend spotted on the Spring/Summer 2012 runways. Except those shoes weren’t like your average espadrille – think stiletto heels with feather detailing and cork and/or rubber sandwiched in between layers to create a monster platform.

So when shopping for espadrilles this season, don’t be afraid to skip those muted, naturally-hued pairs and instead go for the cheekily decorated wedges that have one (or all) of the following elements: bright colors, metallic detailing or a graphic print. And to help you get a head-start on your shoeventure, we did a little bit digging to find some of the funkiest, eye-catching and really ballsy dare-to-wear ones (that you’d probably have to be a high-fashion model or a pop star to really pull it off).

Check out all of our picks in the slideshow above, and then try to guess which one of those really far-out-there styles we were just referring to…

Are you rockin’ espadrilles this season? Share your cool shoe style with the crew by uploading a photo or sharing a link from your fave e-tailer over on StyleCaster.com!


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