From The Runway To The Roadway

Summer K

Anthony Prozzi, Senior Interior Designer at Ford Motor Company, knows style. After all, he spent many years in the fashion industry working with some of the biggest names in the biz. After deciding to make the big leap into the automotive industry, Anthony has been spending a lot of time focusing on making Ford a major player when it comes to pleasing the aesthetics of fashionistas like us (hence the reason we invited him to speak at our first-ever State of Style Summit a couple of weeks ago!). Check out his story below and let us (and him) know what you’d love to see in your next set of wheels!

As Ford’s Senior Interior Designer, I help design the sleek, stylish interiors of today’s vehicles, from the new Ford Fusion to the Shelby Mustang. From growing up in Brooklyn to designing menswear for Donna Karan and studying at Pratt School of Art & Design, I’ve found that the automotive and fashion industries are actually very similar. For the first time, many trends are crossing over globally and it’s propelling a new type of creativity. This “democratization” of fashion is demonstrated through accessible style and design and this idea applies across many industries, including automotive.

Just like the fashion industry, the automotive world has responded to consumer’s needs by carefully studying brand loyalty patterns and purchase behavior around the globe, resulting in new creative designs. As Ford designers look to reach diverse cultures and identify emerging consumer needs years (rather than seasons) ahead of product sales, paying attention to these trends has an even larger significance than in other industries.

When I helped design the Ford Fusion, I looked to the silhouette, the shape, the proportion and how that translates to the consumer. Similar to purchasing any product, consumers want to express their individual style and personality, especially when purchasing such a big investment “accessory,” like a car.

It was exciting to help kick off Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week with the State of Style Summit, showcasing style and trends across industries. This is what we strive for at Ford to break boundaries with design and innovation, translating current culture and values into a product that touches all senses.

By Anthony Prozzi, Senior Interior Designer at Ford Motor Company

(Watch our State of Style Summit videos below for Anthony and TLC star Stacy London‘s take on style and innovation in the fashion industry, automotive industry and beyond!)

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