From Dog Collars To Credit Cards: The 10 Craziest Things Ever Encrusted In Diamonds

Leah Bourne
From Dog Collars To Credit Cards: The 10 Craziest Things Ever Encrusted In Diamonds
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Sure, we love our diamonds. But there are clearly folks out there in the world that really love their diamonds, so much so that they are willing to spend upwards of $3 million on a diamond dog collar or over $1 million on a diamond encrusted TV.
Here, the 10 craziest things ever encrusted in diamonds—a list that proves that there really is no shortage of items that can and will be encrusted in diamonds.
You decide: are the items on this list ridiculous or fabulous?

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Jeweler Azature has created a one-of-a-kind bottle of diamond-infused nail polish. Containing 267 carats of diamonds, the nail polish retails for $250,000. Kelly Osbourne wore the nail polish on the red carpet at the Emmys in 2012.

Renowned French artist and jeweler Bernard Maquin created the Royal Diamond Chess Set in 2005. It took 30 craftsmen, 4,500 hours, 1168.75 grams of 14 karat white gold and approximately 9,900 black and white diamonds to complete. The cost? $500,000.

If you get to wear diamonds, so should your Barbie. This Barbie is customized with 160 gems and white gold jewelry, and worth a staggering $80,000. The Barbie was gifted to Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy on her first birthday.

Sberbank of Russia has offered 100 premium credit cards, for around $100,000 each, featuring diamonds. The card itself costs $65,000 and the remainder of the purchase price sits as credit on the card.

As well as 26 diamonds totalling 0.17 carats, the cards include the same chip as normal plastic bank cards and can be used to make payments. But with no magnetic stripe it cannot be used in shops where customers are still required to swipe their cards. To get around this, the card also comes with a traditional plastic credit card. And we thought Black Cards were the be all end all.

Bling and music go hand in hand. The DEOS diamond headphone covers range in price from $4,500 featuring black and white diamonds to $60,000 when adding colorful diamonds of yellow and pink hues. Small price to pay if you ask us.

I Love Dog Diamonds' La Collection de Bijoux Amour Amour diamond dog collar features three tiers of diamonds in a chandelier design, 1,600 diamonds on the collar, and a $3.2million price tag. Clearly for those true dog lovers out there.

Kre-At-Beauty sells $1,350 false eyelashes encrusted with diamonds and set in 18 karat gold. Rumor has it that Madonna is a big fan.

Crystal Heels founder Evelyn Fox started with a peep-toe Giuseppe Zanotti pump in size 37 placing 11,000 diamonds on the shoes. Each of the .03-, .05-, .07-, .10-, .20-, and .40-carat stones is meticulously spaced. The result? A pair of shoes worth $1 million.

Stuart Hughes believes that watching TV should be a luxury experience (we'll remember that the next time we are sitting on the couch in our PJs watching a Homeland marathon). Its Prestige HD Supreme comes with an outer frame of 22 karat gold, and 48 diamonds adorned with Aventurine, and Topaz. The Prestige HD Supreme rose edition has a frame of 18 karat gold, and 72 round diamonds decorated with Sunstone, and Amethyst. These luxury TV’s are priced between $1.5 million and $2.25 million.

Lexani Wheel envisions a world where everyone drives around in diamond studded cars (if only). The Asanti ASF 130 Series feature a set of four 34 inches wheels with 26,000 diamonds and 1,200 rubies. A set of four costs $2 million.

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