Flower Arranging 101: Top Tips From Fox Fodder Farm’s Taylor Patterson

Leah Bourne

A Fox Fodder Farm arrangement. Photo Via DVF.com.

On our bucket list of things to master in 2014? Flower arranging. Which is why we couldn’t have been more excited to take a flower arranging class led by Fox Fodder Farm’s Taylor Patterson in conjunction with home store Canvas, coming away with some great tips in the process. Trust us, there is no better way to spend an afternoon than surrounded by peonies, sweat peas, and renunculas. We can’t wait to try our hand at the perfect spring floral arrangement at home now.
1. Start With Tape.
Patterson suggests adding tape to the top of your vase creating a grid (to look like a tic tac toe board) to create structure for your arrangement, and to help hold it in place, before you have even started to place flowers. After you have created your grid, add another piece of tape around the vase to keep it all in place.
2. Think Uneven Numbers.
Sometimes the most gorgeous floral arrangements are also the most unexpected. Patterson suggest adding in flowers in uneven numbers, and in different heights. Stay away from having everything looking too perfect and you’ll come away with a bohemian masterpiece.
3. Just Have Fun With It. 
We love Patterson’s there is no wrong way to do it approach to flower arranging. Pick the flowers and colors you like the most, and go from there. Just have fun with it, and you won’t go wrong.
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