Floral Arrangements 101: Denise Porcaro of Flower Girl On How To Make the Perfect Cherry Blossom Bouquet

Blair Pfander

cherryblossoms Floral Arrangements 101: Denise Porcaro of Flower Girl On How To Make the Perfect Cherry Blossom BouquetWith cherry blossom trees blooming around the world, it’s no surprise that we found ourselves thinking pink this month.
So we tapped New York florist, Denise Porcaro, to share her favorite ways to display the quintessential spring branches. Since opening her shop, Flower Girl, back in 2004, Porcaro—a former production designer—has been supplying New York’s Lower East Side with a daily dose of green—and, come April, plenty of pink.
Incorporating a little sakura into your home is easy if you follow these top five tips for creating a statement-making cherry blossom arrangement (and don’t worry: green thumb not required).
1. Pick Tightly Closed Buds. “Depending on the stage—closed tight or full blooms open—cherry blossoms can last anywhere between one to three weeks,” Porcaro says. Therefore, choose sealed blooms to get the most out of your arrangement.
2. Go Big. “Cherry blossoms are such an eye-catching visual beauty,” says Porcaro. “If the space allows, I like to display them as grand and as tall as possible. Alone in a beautiful tall vase they will make a statement in any room or setting.”
3. Don’t Over-Think It. “Cherry blossoms are a definite crowd pleaser and when they are in season, people can’t seem to get enough of them at the shop,” Porcaro says. “The important part is not to over think arranging them or how to display them. There’s no need to be fussy — let them stand alone to appreciate their grand beauty.”
4. Experiment with Texture. “I prefer to display cherry blossoms solo, but you can add other spring blooms if you want to create more texture.” We recommend a mix of ranunculus and sweet peas or a few sprigs of jasmine for an easygoing, spring-look.
5. Stay Seasonal for Your Centerpiece. “I would stay within seasonal blooms if you want to add something to a cherry blossom centerpiece,” Porcaro advises. “Cherry blossoms can be white or pink and a beautiful pairing would be pink or white peonies which are also in season at the same time. They go really well together and create such a gorgeous lush centerpiece.”

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