Five Fashion Trendsetters Making Waves in the Blogosphere


In our eyes, 2009 may as well have been the year of the fashion blogger. The young trendsetters’ statuses are only on the upswing– whether it be in fame or simply in site traffic. More than ever, we’re looking to these style mavens for our daily wardrobe inspirations. We’ve picked out five of our favorite fashionistas who exhibit distinct style sensibilites via their personal blogs– all while sharing each Sartorialist-worthy look with their fanbases. Below, meet the girls we’re loving most at the moment.

Coco Rosa
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This New York City-based blogger’s style is part quirky, part badass, with some DIY thrown into the mix– see handmade Miu Miu bird print tights (far left). If you have some extra time on your hands, visit Coco Rosa to get the full tutorial on how to create your own embellished stretchies, along with some serious sartorial inspiration.

Karla’s Closet
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Karla’s style is somewhat akin to that of an uber cool Grandma– the one who’s closet you covet for all of its standout accessories, long flowy dresses, and vintage furs. While Karla exudes a more mature aesthetic than many of her blogger peers, she manages to still infuse a youthful spirit into each look. Check out the rest of her stylish ensembles here.

Le Blog de Betty
90447 1270578585 Five Fashion Trendsetters Making Waves in the Blogosphere
You know that dream all of us American gals have that we’ll someday wake up to find ourselves serendipitously transported into the body of an uber-chic Parisian femme? Enter, Betty– said femme we wish we could be. With all the studded motorcycle boots, military blazers, and sequin pieces that Betty sports on the streets, we can only imagine the fun we’d have raiding her closet. View more looks from Betty on her blog here.

Vanilla Scented
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Blogging about fashion since 2007, Maria of Vanilla Scented has a keen eye for style. She’s got a knack for layering (which seems necesesary when you’re a student living in Norway), but she can just as easily step out in the most minimalistic pieces and look equally as striking. You know you’ve met your style soulmate when everything she posts ellicits a repetitive “ooh” and “awww” response.

Bohemian Musings
90451 1270578595 Five Fashion Trendsetters Making Waves in the Blogosphere
Combine a little Kate Moss, a bit of Sienna Miller, and a sprinkle of Mary-Kate Olsen, and you get Isabelle– the face behind the blog Bohemian Musings. She has all the makings of bohemian style, including fur vests, high waisted bell bottoms, and plenty of floral print dresses to boot.

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