The FITiST Way of Life: A Fresh, New Approach to Working Out


When it comes to getting in shape, it has been my experience that it’s usually only a matter of time before I hit that dreaded workout rut and I know I’m not alone. After a few weeks of the treadmill, boredom inevitably starts to set in, causing my exercise goals and promises to go right out the window. Neda Talebian Funk, Caroline Limpert Levy and Jonathan Cranin, the founders of, decided to do something to fix the problem.

The ideas is to offer members unlimited access to some of NYCs best classes, studios and workouts, all specifically curated and mixed up to fit your individual fitness goals, needs and schedule. Think of them as your very own personal fitness coach, keeping your workout varied and exciting. Read on to find out what makes you a true FITiST. You can get started today with a private invite for StyleCaster readers.

Can you start by explaining to our readers what exactly FITiST is for those who dont know, and how it differs from anything else weve seen in the exercise arena?
is the first one-stop booking site with curated memberships to the citys best of the best boutique fitness studios, trainers, spas and wellness service providers; this is the future of gym & wellness memberships.FITiST bundles classes (like spin, barre, bootcamp and pilates) into one convenient membership plan. You can choose from 10 goal-oriented plans, such as Bride, 26.2 (if you’re training for a marathon) and Slim (lose weight, tighten and tone), among others. Or, you can also customize your own plan with our concierge service.

Most people we know workout with a goal in mind and aim to achieve specific results actually, they expect it. FITiST has developed an innovative way to get you there we take the guesswork out of it. Just pick a plan, book your class and show up. The plan is curated by a board of renowned fitness experts, including celebrity trainers David Kirsch, Mary Ann Browning and Lacey Stone. We’ve built a blackbook of NYC’s best.

Why is it important to mix up your workouts? Is it more effective in terms of weight loss?
There are numerous studies that prove that muscle confusion and metabolic disturbance are the most effect way to see results. FITiST plans provide anappropriate mix of workout types in one single plan to achieve this.Further, by mixing up your workouts you prevent boredom and hitting a plateau in your fitness routine. The hottest bodies in Hollywood follow this protocol.

What are your price points for the different plans, and how do they differ?
Our plans range in price from $150 for our Rookie plan to $760 for our Unlimited All-Access. The pricing depends on the number of classes and types of classes included in the plan.For example, the26.2 plan (for the marathoner) at $299contains a mix of cycle, core/pilates, and yoga aimed to provide theperfect complement to outside running; cycle as cross-training,yoga for flexibility, and core sessions and pilates for mid-section strength. The Slim plan at $500 contains 18 classes, a perfect combo of high-intensity, fat-reducing, calorie-burning workouts with pilates and yoga to build and define core muscles.

How does the point system work?
Most gyms are just as happy if you never show up. At FITiST, we want to see you succeed, so we reward you for your efforts. Every time you book a class or get a friend to join, we reward you with FITpoints towards free classes and workouts. The Details:

For every 10 friends you invite to join FITiST, you get 100 FITpoints; for every class and service booking (regular and last minute), you get 10 FITpoints; and 300 FITpoints = FREE CLASS.

What have you found to be the most popular FITiST classes/activities for the summer months?
Bootcamps and barre classes have been all the rage thus far. Bootcamps are a great activity for the summer as they contain interval training and a combination of strength training and cardio perfect for getting beach- ready. And, of course, our members love a great spin for a good sweat and some serious calorie burning.

What do you think the secret/key is to reaching fitness goals and not giving up before seeing results?
The key is to have a realistic goal and stay focused. Sometimes, if your goal is too aggressive, it can be too difficult to stick with, particularly given that most people lead such busy lives with work, family, etc.Make it a part of the way you live. Strive for a FITiST way of life.

Finding time to fit in workouts can become challenging. What are any tips you can offer when it comes to balancing and finding time to squeeze in exercise?
Great question and goes back to last question working out should become a part of your life, no matter what, there is always time to squeeze in 30 minutes for a run or 45 minutes for a spin class. Balance is key. Luckily, NYC has classes at all times of the morning, day and night to accommodate busy schedules.

We actually created our platform with the busy time-strapped New Yorker in mind: Goal-oriented plans advised by our board of experts to take the guesswork out of fitness; plus, a universal calendar system that sorts by day, time (only want to workout between 6-9PM — we have an easy filter), plan, activity, and of course location. We know New Yorkers have limited time and lofty goals, so we created a streamlined product with this consumer in mind.

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