FITiST Slim-Down Challenge Part 1, An Editor’s Journey

FITiST Slim-Down Challenge Part 1, An Editor’s Journey
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I couldn’t have been more ecstatic when FITiST approached me about taking part in one of their expertly curated exercise plans. Of course, I didn’t have to think twice about accepting the month-long slim down challenge. But once the initial excitement wore off, anxiety and reluctancy immediately set in.

What if one month isn’t long enough to see any real results? And was I really ready to put before and after photos of myself on the internet for the world to see? Ordinarily I’d have to answer no to both questions, but I knew I was in amazing hands. Not only was my workout plan put together by experts who are extremely passionate about fitness, but I’ll also have access to the best NYC classes, programs and studios.

I’m no stranger to exercise I practice yoga, go on central park runs and, until recently, belonged to a gym. But no matter what kind of workout roll I’m on, it always innevitable slows down and ends with me losing steam, usually due to boredom. FITiST changes the age-old dilema of the exercise rut by using muscle confusion to keep things fun, mix up your routine and ensure results.

There are 10 plans to choose from: All Access, Tri, 26.2, Intense, Slim, Body & Soul, Bride, Mom-To-Be, New Mom and Rookie. I’ve decided to go with the Slim plan for the purposes of this challenge. Over the next month, I will partcipate in 6 Cycle, 4 Core/Pilates, 4 Performance and 4 Yoga classes, for a total of 18 classes. The goal of the plan is to combine “High-intensity, fat-reducing, calorie-burning workouts with kicking, lifting and sparring to tone and strengthen and pilates and yoga to build and define core muscles.”

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving you regular updates and check-ins so you all can join me on my slim-down journey. It won’t be easy, but I know it will be well worth the hard work when I’m laying on the beach in a bikini by August. So, let the journey begin!

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