Finally Legal: A Look Back At Justin Bieber’s Life So Far

Finally Legal: A Look Back At Justin Bieber’s Life So Far
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Attention, cougars! Justin Bieber, otherwise known as the reason Canada is still considered an actual country, turns 18 today. Yes, that’s right. The pint-sized pop prince with a penchant for purple (I know, I’m good) can officially buy porn, cigarettes, and lottery tickets if he so desires. Oh, and I guess he can vote and stuff too, but no one really cares about that.

Anyway, since bursting on the scene in 2008 thanks to his trusty manager Scooter Braun and his mentor Usher, Justin has risen like a glorious phoenix from the ashes to the top of the charts. It hasn’t been the easiest ride for the Biebs. Along the way, he has encountered quite a bit of drama. As The Notorious B.I.G. famously stated, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.” In Bieber’s life, these problems tend to be false paternity claims and having to be on lockdown in weird foreign countries because of crazed fans bum-rushing his hotel lobby.

Regardless of all of this, the Biebs has stayed true to who he is and it seems he’s developing into a lovely young man. His much-publicized relationship with fellow teenybopper Selena Gomez seems to be one of the healthiest, most normal dynamics in Hollywood (which I guess isn’t saying much, but still).

In honor of National Biebs Day, click through the gallery above for a look at his whirlwind life so far.

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