Ferragamo Goes Green


It’s about time a luxury designer got behind the green movement in a serious way (making the occassional cotton tote with a ubiquitous “green” slogan splashed across it does NOT count as “serious”). According to ELLE UK, Salvatore Ferragamo has designed an eco-friendly line of soft leather bags–five day bags in all–in classic shapes (read: not crunchy granola). The tanning process that the bags undergo uses natural products in lieu of the typical, extremely environmentally unsound elements usually used in the making of handbags. Also, the dyes used are made from tree bark and the linings from sustainable hand-woven hemp. To ensure the validity of Ferragamo’s green claims, their unique process has been certified by SG-Mark, a German institute that makes sure everything is environmentally kosher.

The line, called Eco Ferragamo, will hit stores in February.

The range will hit stores in February as part of Salvatore Ferragamo’s spring/summer 2009 collection

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