Father’s Day Gifts: 10 Books Just For Dad

Father’s Day Gifts: 10 Books Just For Dad
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Father’s Day is the one, special day that dads are allowed to just relax with a good book and do absolutely nothing. For those glorious 24 hour, we’re not allowed to nag him about anything, ask him to put together a piece of Ikea furniture or any other annoying task we bother our dads with the other 364 days a year.

If your fathers are anything like mine, then you’ve heard the expression, “there’s nothing like a good book” about a million and one times in your life. So, why not get him something you know he’ll both appreciate and use this Father’s Day: a good book. Besides, how many times can you get the man a cliche tie before it starts to get old. FYI: that gift was played out by the time you got to the fifth grade.

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