‘Father of the Bride 3’ to Focus on Gay Marriage: Report

Leah Bourne

Photo Via MoviePins.com

“Father of the Bride” will forever go down in history as one of the best wedding movies of all time—Kimberly Williams perfect princess wedding dress, Martin Short as the hilarious wedding planner Franck Egglehoffer, and that crazy family who gets even crazier during the wedding planning (what family can’t relate?). We are still wondering all of these years later if $250 a plate for a wedding is too much to spend, and wishing we were brave enough to walk down the aisle in sneakers.

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The sequel to the movie focused on having a baby, but now, 19 years later, if rumors are to be believed, we are about to get a third installment, and it’s about time! According to NikkiFinke.com, Steve Martin will reprise the role of patriarch George Banks, this time around planning the upcoming nuptials of his gay son, Matty, originally played by Kieran Culkin (who hasn’t been confirmed for the new film). After Matty, now 29 years old, reveals he’s getting married to the son of a US Navy Seal, he gets thrown of the family house. Still, considering this is “Father of the Bride,” something tells us the family kisses and makes up, and a wedding does happen.

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This new film will be the first entirely original movie in the series. The 1991 “Father of the Bride” was based on a film of the same name from 1950, while 1995’s “Father of the Bride II” was loosely based on 1951’s “Father’s Little Dividend.”


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