7 Awesome Fashion-Related Skillshare Classes to Take This Month

Meghan Blalock

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the new year! That means you (or plenty of people you know, we’re guessing) are probably entrenched in those little things called “resolutions.” Often, they have more to do with how you look and feel than any measurable way of improving your mind; but that doesn’t mean pursuing some form of adult education is out of the question completely. Nor should it be: Skillshare makes it easier than ever to take classes online.

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The genius website offers online classes for really approachable prices (starting at $15!) on every subject from men’s styling to how to manage your time better. In the spirit of the whole “new year, new you” mantra, we found seven really intriguing SkillShare classes that will teach you something new and won’t break the bank. Read on!

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1. The Inspiration: Where Fashion Design Begins
You’ll learn from “Project Runway: Season 2” finalist Daniel Vosovic the nuanced process of finding inspiration for potential fashion designs, and the first step to bringing them to life: creating a useful mood board. “I’ll teach how you to go beyond the literal repurposing of the inspiration itself and how to connect your inspiration to a design that’s right for your consumer,” Vosovic says of his class.
Perfect for: Budding fashion designers
Cost: $29

2. SEO in Style: Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines
Having a blog is easier than it’s ever been, but getting your blog noticed by the public at large is probably more challenging than it’s ever been. That’s where this class comes in: it will teach you the essentials you need to start mastering Search Engine Optimization, that grizzly bear of a skill that has even the most influential of web editors scratching their heads at times.
Perfect for: Bloggers looking to build their audience
Cost: $40

3. A Staple of Branding: How to Start Your Fashion Company
From coming up with your brand’s name to learning how to master the sometimes treacherous obstacle course of creating a logo for that brand, expert Jeff Staple goes over all the basics in this course. A graduate of the school of Nike,  Staple has been in the business for 15 years and successfully launched his own apparel brand, so he would know.
Perfect for: The aspiring entrepreneur who just needs a little bit more guidance
Cost: $15

4. Drawing Couture: Turning Fashion Designs into Art
If you love the art behind fashion even more than you love the clothes themselves, this might be the perfect class for you. Illustrator Dallas Shaw, who has created concept and advertising illustrations for the likes of Chanel, DKNY, and Oscar de la Renta, leads this course on how to sketch fashion designs with pencil, color them in, and complete works.
Perfect for: The fashionista interested in bringing designer’s ideas to life on paper
Cost: $29

5. Men’s Style: Building a Grown Man’s Wardrobe
Plenty of dudes have an idea of their own personal style but no idea how to actually bring those ideas to life. That’s what this class is for: helping men (not boys, mind you!) create a grown-up wardrobe that reflects their personal style and incorporates a touch of the debonaire. Students will learn how to build three main looks: business casual workplace, weekend wear, and second date.
Perfect for: Dudes wanting to amp their style game, or ladies who want to educate their beaus
Cost: $15

6. WordPress Basics: Create An eCommerce Website
Are you a budding jewelry designer who needs a place to hawk your wares, or perhaps you work for a website that’s trying to break into the e-commerce game. Either way, this course will teach you the basics of setting up an Internet marketplace using one of the biggest blogging platforms around: WordPress. This constitutes everything from registering a domain to managing orders once you’re in business.
Perfect for: Entrepreneurs and website employees
Cost: $25

7. Get Your Fashion Line to Market: Introduction to Wholesaling
More interested in real-world selling than setting up an e-store? This class, geared toward more experienced fashion designers, will show you how to create a sleek, professional lookbook and linesheet to show to potential buyers. Other skills taught include how to price your collection, how to photography it, and how to market it to sellers.
Perfect for: Designers struggling with getting their creations out there
Cost: $19

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