8 Fashion Resolutions to Live by in 2018

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While we sometimes have our doubts as to the point of a long list of lofty resolutions you’re more or less doomed to fail at, fashion resolutions are another thing altogether. Since fashion is a form of art and self-expression but by no means a high-stakes topic, what’s the harm in setting some style goals for the year ahead?

Below, we’ve listed eight style resolutions to live by in 2018—from shopping more sustainably to swapping out your millennial pink collection for lavender or yellow. Whatever your own sartorial resolution may be, we’re excited for the change and new year ahead.

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Lavender Love

Take a break from millennial pink and and embrace the new color of the year: lavender. Pantone declared “Ultra Violet” the official color of 2018 and we’re excited for this new pastel shade. We saw the color all over the Spring/Summer 2018 runway and we’re ready to rock it ourselves.


Athleisure is no stranger to street style. We love T-shirts, joggers, and sneakers, and we have seen another shift with technical clothing. Consumers are gravitating towards pieces that are comfortable, functional, and serve multiple purposes.

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Bust-Focused Items

2017 was the year of the booty and shoulders, and now it’s time to change the focus again. Look for bust-focused items like plunging necklines, fitted tops, and simpler silhouettes.


Consumers are paying more attention to how a product is made and there’s growing interest in sustainable, ethical brands. They’re looking for vegan items and refraining from furs. The Good Trade wrote an article listing their favorite favorite fair trade and ethical brands and we love the ones they included.

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The Updated Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are still making a huge fashion statement and in 2018, we’re looking for a newer, updated version of the retro bag. We love the leather hip purses for the more elevated fanny pack alternative.

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Yellow Mellow

Lavender isn’t the only new color of the year. Yellow is the perfect pop for spring and summer. It’s a bold statement, gender neutral, and a great addition to your spring look.

Royal Wedding Inspiration

Is anyone else feeling major princess vibes after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s engagement news? We expect to see a lot of outfit inspiration from the newest royal.

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Dark Denim

Light-wash denim may have had its moment in 2017, but we’re loving the return of dark denim, which is generally more sophisticated and office-appropriate.

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