Fall’s Most Ridiculous Trend: Five-Figure Handbags?


There’s not much that we appreciate more here at StyleCaster than a well-made accessory. Bring on the supple leather bags, crocodile shoes and solid gold hardware! We might not be able to afford these things, like, ever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire them from afar.

Since we’re in the business of high fashion and luxury goods, we’re not stricken by sticker shock very much anymore ($1,500 for a holey Balmain tee? Normal!). However, in the last month alone, three bags have made us gasp on account of their insane price tags.

Prada was the first to come forward with its limited-edition crocodile skin bag that retails for a whopping $40,000. Next came The Row, and the Olsen twins showed off a $39,000 backpack at the launch of their handbag line at Barneys last week. Lastly, in a post that has since been removed from The Telegraph, a white crocodile bag by Victoria Beckham was revealed yesterday that rings in at 18,000, which would equal $29,340 stateside.

These five-figure handbags are pretty wild, considering that you could buy a small automobile, a fancy vacation to Hawaii or, say, pretty much ANYTHING else for the price of a Mary-Kate and Ashley designed knapsack. I might consider saving up $9,000 over a number of years to splurge on an eternally classic Herms Birkin, but these three guys? I’m not so sure.

Do you think the three bags above are worth their weight in gold?

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