25 Gorgeous Photos That’ll Get You Excited for Fall (We Swear!)

Kristen Bousquet
25 Gorgeous Photos That’ll Get You Excited for Fall (We Swear!)
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We know, we know: Summer isn’t over and already we’re turning our attention to fall. But—as much as we love bathing suits, the beach, and hot lazy days—there’s something extremely restorative and exciting about autumn. If you aren’t yet excited to swap your shorts for jeans and watch the leaves start to turn, we’ve gathered some of our favorite fall photos from Tumblr that might change your mind.

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Still not sold? With fall comes new clothes, blankets and good books, and the act of swapping ice coffees for Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Whether fall also means starting a new school year, or just general new beginnings, you have to admit that it’s hard not to look forward to the upcoming season.

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Click through the slideshow to see pumpkins, leaves, cozy sweaters, and other fall-themed tumblr photos that’ll instantly get you excited for the season!

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Photo: tumblr/theprettygirlsyndrome

Photo: tumblr/e--bullience

Photo: tumblr/fallinloveautumn

Photo: tumblr/immortal-autumn

Photo: tumblr/andrerealizes

Photo: tumblr/sofiasway

Photo: tumblr/seasonsparadise

Photo: tumblr/natcat4

Photo: tumblr/francimic

Photo: tumblr/confectionerybliss

Photo: tumblr/urbnite

Photo: tumblr/warmhoneyy

Photo: tumblr/immortal-autumn

Photo: tumblr/streamy-dream

Photo: tumblr/craving-s-o-m-e-food

Photo: tumblr/aspiring-prep

Photo: tumblr/thefearofemptiness

Photo: tumblr/theautumnequinox

Photo: tumblr/beyonceetc

Photo: tumblr/jupiter-pluvius

Photo: tumblr/fiftyminutes

Photo: tumblr/gypsylolita

Photo: tumblr/katana-rama

Photo: tumblr/thisisteatime

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