Fall Essential: The Collar Necklace

Fall Essential: The Collar Necklace
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If you’ve always wanted to look like a baby doll, you’re in luck this season. With 1960’s influences roaring, we’d recommend grabbing the nearest Peter Pan collar and being prepared to twist and shout.

While we wish we could shed our closet of all the other burdensome blouses that seem less on-trend this season, our wallets may stand up and revolt. Thankfully, a new trend has arisen to relieve us of some distress by offering some mix-and-match choices when it comes to collars — all without having to buy a new blouse.

The bib collar necklace more than satisfies this season’s sweet trend and also comes in a fleet of note-worthy iterations, from lace to studded. We’re eager to start sporting these with our daily uniforms of jeans and crisp white tanks, especially as the weather begins to turn.

Here, we’ve rounded up 15 spectacular collar necklaces at every possible price point. How are you going to style these necklaces? Share with us your own styling opinion in the comments!

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